• Ultra-flat lighting systems for your ideas

    Maximum luminosity coupled with minimal material thickness clears the way for completely new applications. Bring more light into your life at home or in the office, using illuminated partitions, ceilings and façades, for example. Enhance your kitchen with an unusual backsplash or create just the right atmosphere in your bathroom.

    EQUALIGHTS lighting systems produce impressive effects in restaurants as well. We envision illuminated counters, table tops and menu boards as well as lighting systems in floors and display windows that give that special ‘wow’ effect. What is your vision?

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    Technology in the detail – made in Germany

    Equalights – Technik

    Bright 3D scripts made of polycarbonate or acrylic
    on mounting plates starting from 3 mm thick. Minimal installation depth due to lateral light influx in the mounting plate. This makes even very small 3D script sizes possible.

    Equalights – Technik

    Interchangeable aluminium picture frame system
    with V2A bracket and rubber seal. For diverse applications. Pictures well protected against theft. Easy to open with small, special tool. Adjustable for lighting cores that are 3–6 mm thick and best suited for picture films or plates of up to 2 mm material thickness.

    Equalights – Technik

    Ceiling hangers with power supply
    to the lighting core. With quick-clamp system. Power supply for LED emitters through the mounting cable. 12 and 24 V DC is possible. Approved for suspended loads of up to 50 kg (2 cables).

    Equalights – Technik

    How the current-carrying bracket is installed in the frame.
    The electrical current is conducted through the cable to the LED strip. The cable is securely fastened to the bracket with a grub screw. Current can also be conducted through self-adhesive metal films.

    Equalights – Technik

    Power adapters
    Power adapters of up to 5 A are available for the quick connection of our lighting systems. A cigarette lighter adapter can also be supplied.

    Equalights – Technik

    Built-in transformers
    High-power, built-in transformers are recommended for lighting systems that will be permanently installed. We always keep these in stock for you, allowing you to get practically everything you need from one source.

    Let there be light – easy handling

  • Light is visual emotion. It touches our souls and brings material to life.

    EQUALIGHTS cultivates this elemental power and allows it to be used flexibly. EQUALIGHTS: ultra-flat lighting systems with virtually unlimited potential, whether indoor, outdoor, on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or free-standing. With illumination on both sides, of course. From 5 mm small 3D scripts to 3 x 2 m large panels that can be combined with each other to form enormous surfaces. Give free rein to your fantasy. We will turn your vision into reality!

    EQUALIGHTS: ultra-flat lighting systems with virtually unlimited potential.